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What is your "Secret Special Ingredient?"

I started the journey of creating The Wishing Tree with something not feeling right inside of me. I needed a place where gratitude, joy, hope and faith could land and be witnessed. I find it fascinating what life shows us about ourselves. For me, the issues currently showing up for me are loving myself, using my voice, accepting community is around me and faith. My definition of faith is knowing something greater than me is supporting and loving me.

What I have learned is that these things have been inside of me the whole time. And living my life is a DAILY opening to loving myself, using my voice, community, and faith. And, for me, the secret special ingredient to keeping myself on track is TRUST. I am trusting that my love, my voice, faith and community are truly in and around me. The Wishing Tree shows this to me everyday. People magically show up in front of The Wishing Tree and we have sweet conversations about life. These conversations help me use my voice and speak my truth. These conversations remind me that I am not alone, there is a community here. These experiences show me that I only have to step outside my door and the universe will provide.

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