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The Wishing Tree

How the wishing tree grew its roots...

In November of 2011, as I finished reading the book, The Wishing Year, by Noelle Oxenhandler, I felt a new and exciting spark inside my chest. A pattern was developing during these increasingly dark fall and winter months. I had unwittingly found an emptiness inside of me. I searched inside myself for the gratitude and joy that I could emit during the holiday months. Gratitude? Yes, I am grateful for being alive, my family, my friends. Joy? A bit. Especially when I was around my young niece and nephew. But something inside of me was not whole. Something was missing.


That spark, that inspiration lead me to create a place in the neighborhood for wishes, intentions, and gratitude to be made. A place where gratitude, joy, hope, and faith could land and be witnessed. I had begun stomping out the pattern of yearning for something more. I was replacing that old pattern with the creation of an intentional space for the community. And The Wishing Tree came into being.

When you arrive at The Wishing Tree, you will find a sign that reads, "Please make a wish. Place it in the jar with a slot on its top.  In the next days, your wish will be on the tree. Words of gratitude are welcomed.

P.S. "Something happens when we collectively wish in one place."



Thank you for sharing your stories, feelings, inspiration, and intentions at the Wishing Tree. The Wishing Tree's mission is to hold a space for unspoken wants, dreams, stories and to spread joy.

Wishing leads us to our infinite possibilities, 

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